This questionnaire is the first step in getting to know you and understanding your preferences. The questions are designed to allow the right placement of each puppy by bringing the requirements of both the puppy and the new owner(s) to light before a choice is made. The puppy’s welfare is our foremost consideration. Please realize that completing this questionnaire is in no way a commitment on your part to purchase a puppy from us, or on our part to place a puppy in your home. Thank you for your cooperation and interest.


How did you hear about Ecko Ridge Rottweilers?:

Are You Looking For: Male Female Puppy Older dog

You're interested in: Show Prospect Working Dog Companion Only

To be active in: Confirmation Agility Obedience Schutzhund Herding
Tracking Carting Therapy   List Other:

What specific qualities are you looking for in a Rottweiler? What are your goals for this dog?

How many adults live in your home?
How many children live in your home?

Do you anticipate major life event changes such as a new baby, caring for an elderly or sick relative, etc..? If so, please Describe.:

Do you currently own other pets? If so, please describe (species, breed, if dog, sex, age, spayed neutered)?

Tell us about your lifestyle, work schedule, etc.

Tell us about your experience with dogs, and specifically with Rottweilers.

List all the dogs you have owned and what happened to them:

List any dog clubs you belong to. List any titles that your and your dogs have achieved:

Why did you choose this breed?

Can you commit to attending training classes?
Yes No

Home Life
Do you own or rent your principle residence? Own Rent

Do you live in a house, apartment, or condo? House Apartment Condo

Are there restrictions in your neighborhood regarding dog ownership? Yes No

Do you have a Yard? Yes No

If so, how much land or acreage do you have?

Do you have fencing? Yes No

Do you have a pool? Yes No


Please list at least 2 references of someone involved with dogs that knows you (name/address/phone) if you have previously owned a dog, one of the references must be a breeder, veterinarian, or trainer.

Please provide any additional comments you would like to make:

Are you willing to travel to Richmond, VA to pick up your puppy? Yes No

**All of our companion or pet puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registrations and spay/neuter contracts. This means that the dog is registered with the AKC however none of the offspring are eligible for registration. A dog with a Limited Registration as well as a spayed or neutered dog can compete in all AKC events except the Conformation classes.

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