Daily & Cahill Puppies

V-1 SIEGER, Multi BIS/Multi BISS, SELECT Am CH Gamegards US Marshall RN, CGC, RO- 63327E24M
V-1 Select Multi BISS Am CH Gamegards Quiet Man v Lynos Am CD,HSAs,TT, CGC, RO- 55468E24M-T, RO-EL2491M26-T Select Am CH Full Moonís As Good As It Gets TT CGC, RO-39353G24M V-Rated, BISS Select Am CH Vom Sonnenhaus Krugerrand Am CD, TT, RO-14802F24M
Select Am/Can CH Gamegardís Half Moon RO-27071E26F
Am CH Gamegards Mariah v Femme RO-42733G24F, RO-EL996F24 BIS BISS AM/Can/Bda Select CH Pioneerís DJ Star Stuben Am/Bda CD, CGC, TDI
Am CH Gamegards Femme Fatal RO-19584F24F
Select 1 Multi BISS/BOSS CH Kreeksides Britts Image V-Rated Select Multi BISS Am/Can CH Von der Lors Ferro Braxx HICs, CGC, RO-40038G24M, RO-CA172, RO-TH18 V-Rated BIS BISS Am CH Von der Lors Braxx Nelson RO-26776G24M,RO-EL109M24,RO-937
Gamegards Hexa RO-26740G26F
Gamegards No Nonsense RO-47099G25F Am CH Beltaneís Wizard Of Avalon
Am CH Gamegards Femme Fatal RO-19584F24F
GCH Ecko Ridge's Cookin' With Gas
CH Von Wilhelms Gate Keeper Loral's Dynamo WP835476/03 CH Shadows All I Ever Wanted WP616352/01 5-98
CH Von Whelans Belaire V Tobant CD WP366259/08 1-95 OFA24G OFEL24
CH Von Wilhelms Cleopatra WP83686403 (03-03) BLK & MHGY CH Full Moons As Good As It Gets WP39604509 (06-96) OFA24G OFEL27 BLK & MHGY AKC DNA #V24002
CH Vom Viraus' Sweet Soxs WP42756601 (01-96) OFA27F BLK & MHGY
Select 1 Am/Can CH Cammcastle's IPSO FACTO, CGC CH Clearwater's Black Tie Affair CD WP999956/04 04-05 Black & Mahogany OFA25G OFEL25 AKC DNA # V429146 CH Gamegards Quet Man V Lynos CD HSAs WP694077/07 07-99 Black & Mahogany OFA24E OFEL26 AKC DNA #P8304
CH Kreeksides Bea Von Clearwater WP772842/03 02-01 Black & Mahogany OFA25G AKC DNA #P8430
CH Cammcastle X Equals One V Qr WS050286/01 11-06 Black & Mahogany OFA26G CH Gamegards U.S. Marshall RN WR015022/04 08-03 Black & Mahogany OFA24E AKC DNA #V246767
Cammcastle's Nixe V Quail WF900488/05 08-02 Black & Mahogany